Main function & Details

1.Cutting: cutting such various materials as PET, PE, PP, CPP, OPP, PVC, and paper, etc
2.Unwinding: Non-shaft pneumatic
3.Drive: Programmable controller
4.Rewinding: Dual shaft rewinding with automatic length positioning
5.Human–machine interface: Effective operation and control of the machine; tension control for 100 sets
   of material; safety alert system
6.Differential shaft and air shaft can be used alternately.

Main specifications CN-S.M-1000.1200
Unwind width 300~1200mm
Unwind diameter φ620~φ800 mm
Rewinder width 50~1200mm
Rewinder diameter φ500mm
Paper tue diameter 3" and 6"
Machine speed 0~300‧400m/min