Product Description

.Fully automatic unwinding and rewinding, semi-automatic material reception, with floating wheel type    automatic tension and synchronous speed spindle replacement control.
.The man-machine interface is effectively integrated and managed, whole machine will support each other,    product quantity can be set, and is provided with instructions on safety and warnings.

Main function

Dual head printing press :
1. The machine allows you to do laminating while printing.
2. Dual-sided printing
3. Printing of 1~2 colors and Laminating directly after printing.

Main specifications CN-AD-1000.1200.1600
Print material BOPP、CPP、PVC、Aluminum foil、PET、PE、Nylon and paper, etc.
Drive system Main drive motor
Print cylinder fixing by Shaftless pneumatic system
Print color 2~12 colors
Machine speed 200m/min
Print length 400~900mm
Material Unwind and Rewind diameter φ600mm、φ800mm、φ1000mm
Optional Equipment

1.Pre-printing Automatic Position System.
2. Reverse-side Printing Device.
3. Printing Monitor
4. Heating Dry System.
5. Automatic Concentration Controller.
6. Flaws Inspector Device.