Product Description

.Apply product:Thermal transfer paper, Water turn printing membrane                          
.Print width:2000m/m
.Circumference: 450~2600m/m
.Eight colors machines: Host computer's three group oves horsepowers,can meanwhile three kind
   oves different size's versions path together print。
.Product multiplicity,enhance quality,example:grounding+tracery's complexion+Will paint bu
   glazing, once accomplishments.
.P.L.C.:apply to and human-machine interface's whole machine's control function.
.Human-machine interface::effective overall management of all machine-assisted, set the number
   of finished products, materials, computers tension record 100 group, security alarm instructions.

Main specifications CN-AT-1600.2000
Print material BOPP、CPP、PVC、Aluminum foil、PET、PE、Nylon and paper, etc.
Drive system Main digital Gearing Motor* one set
Digital Motor * two sets, can independent control
Print cylinder fixing by
Shaftless pneumatic system
Print color 2~12 colors
Machine speed 120m/min
Print length 400~2600mm
Material Unwind and Rewind diameter φ800mm、φ1000mm
Optional Equipment

1.Pre-printing Automatic Position System.
2. Reverse-side Printing Device.
3. Printing Monitor
4. Heating Dry System.
5. Automatic Concentration Controller.
6. Flaws Inspector Device.