Product Description

.High precision independent motor, digital fiber optic link, automatic color system, E axis.
.It has been used by our customers for several years.
. The machine is also characterized by its stability under high speed running.
. Vertical and Horizontal positioning at the beginning of printing and time setting to reduce a significant
    amount of waste.
. It is the best choice for high speed printing.

Main function

1.Independent air shaft, pneumatically fixed. Dual air protection switch.
2.Automatic control loading/unloading with high precision, low tension electric control valve.
3.Dual shaft for feeding, high speed, semi-auto receiving(air shaft or non-shaft type)
4.Dual shaft for collecting, high speed, semi-auto receiving, track wheel with AB shaft pneumatic drive.
   (air shaft or non-shaft type)
5.Each color is equipped with ink, left/right adjustable transfer wheel by pneumatic drive.
6.Scraper holder is designed for easy adjustment,convenient maintenance, and is stable and durable.
7.P.L.C. : apply to and human-machine interface's whole machine's control function.
8.The drying system accomodates various heating sources such as electrical heater, diessel or gas burning.
9.The man-machine interface is effectively integrated and managed,whole machine will support each other,
   product quantity can be set,and is provided with instructions on safety and warnings.
10.Designed for high speed inspecting and printing quality.
11.Print material defection check device.

Main specifications CN-AE-1000.1200.1600
Print material BOPP、CPP、PVC、Aluminum foil、PET、PE、Nylon and paper, etc.
Drive system Each print unit with digital individual motor driving system
Version's axes' fixation Shaftless pneumatic system
Print color 2~12 colors
Machine speed 250m/min‧300m/min
Print length 400~900mm
Material Unwind and Rewind diameter φ600mm、φ800mm、φ1000mm
Optional Equipment

1.Pre-printing Automatic Position System.
2. Reverse-side Printing Device.
3. Printing Monitor
4. Heating Dry System.
5. Automatic Concentration Controller.
6. Flaws Inspector Device.