Product Description

.Aluminum foil designated drying laminator, thickness 6~20 μ, additionally aluminum foil surface processing    machine, automatic receiving material device for rewinding and rewinding AB axis.
.Human–machine interface:Effective operation and control of the machine; tension control for 100 sets of    material;safety alert system.

Main specifications CN-D-1000.1200.1600
PET、Nylon、Aluminum foil、BOPP、CPP、CPE、BOPP PET、Nylon、Aluminum foil 、BOPP、CPP、CPE、BOPP。
Laminator width 1200mm
Max. mechanical speed 200m/min
Width of guide roller 1250mm
Dia. of guide roller φ180mm
Max. Dia. on rewinding φ800mm
Max. Dia. on first unwinding φ800mm
Max.Dia. on second unwinding φ600mm
Dryer temperature set up range 40~80℃
Dryer temperature heating length 10000mm
4 zone arch type heat blower method 4 Set
Laminator heat wheel normal temperature 60~100℃
Patented laminator: Laminate 2~4 layers of different material together at one time.
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