Product Description

Aluminum foil for special purpose paste equal to machine, thickness 6~20 μ,
set up additionally aluminum foil's surface's processor, will set free material – receive
anticipates AB axes automatic meet material’s device.

Main function

1.Cutting: cutting such various materials as PET, CPP, OPP , etc.
2.Unwinding: Non-shaft pneumatic
3.Drive: Programmable controller
4.Rewinding: Dual shaft rewinding with automatic length positioning
5.Human–machine interface: Effective operation and control of the machine; tension control for 50 sets
   of material; safety alert system
6.A,B shafts rewinding: The rewind diameter is controlled by the electric arm.
7.The rewinding A,B shafts are independent of each other with their own setting of tension and pneumatic
   pressure for press roller for unloading finished rolls to the car. The rewinding arm rises and pushes
   the finished roll outwards for unloading.
8.The track type press roller arm is equipped with a precision pressure setting mechanism. Slide it away
   when not in use.
9.A waste collector.
10.The machine is equipped with a static eliminator to neutralize the static.
11.Use the blade or disc cutter depending on the material to be cut.

Main specifications CN-DS-2500
Unwind width 300~2450mm
Unwind diameter φ800~φ1000mm
Rewinder width 350~2500mm
Rewinder diameter φ420~φ1000mm
Paper tue diameter 3" and 6"
Machine speed 0~600m/min